“Right vs. Wrong”: Right, or Wrong?

Hand on Heart, I don’t care — because, in Heart, I AM Care.

Looking for your Spiritual Warrior? It’s not in your Head with its dualistic notion of Right vs. Wrong — it’s in your Heart. Remember?

To progress as a Spiritual Warrior we’ve got to free ourselves of the notion that there is something fundamentally “Wrong” with Humanity.

This idea comes from Religion, which is Ego.

Allow yourself to refer to the Possessive Ego as “The Distant Mind”. Be in the spaces, and look upon it — rather than declare yourself at its command entirely by saying “My Ego …”.

“Why, this is Hell, nor am I out of it.” Says Mephistopheles when Dr. Faustus asks him where Hell is.


Original Sin was Original Innocence.

In our Innocence, Humanity chose Right vs. Wrong as a way of making things work on Earthnot knowing that We, as a constellation of Souls connected via our Hearts, were already the way things were supposed to work.

The adoption of Right vs. Wrong was ITSELF the Original ‘Sin’, because it has ever since blocked the Soul from the Heart.

Believing in Right Vs. Wrong makes it difficult to accept ourselves fully. But:

There has to be Right vs. Wrong - right?

We assume that, without Right vs. Wrong, our communities would collapse.

Is that true?

Certainly if individuals were to operate without Right vs. Wrong — and, critically, with no other guide to their behaviour — then, yes, communities might well collapse. But not necessarily.

Supposing individuals were operating on a deeper and ultimately more effective level than Right vs. Wrong? What would their communities be like then?

Suppose for an instant that Right vs. Wrong is not the only way to look at things; that there is a more profound and entirely reliable assessment paradigm, a complete system of personal morality that automatically manifests one loving ethical manifestation after the other without the need for organisation or regulation. Just suppose that for an instant; and then remember that, in all instances, this deeper system is always available.

This paradigm, this system, is called the Heart.

We all have one (although “psychopaths” (ie. frozen souls) may not be able/choose to feel their Heart in this lifetime). Heart is the Soul of Tribe. And we, as human beings, are Tribe. We all know it. That’s why we all feel the same things inside us, including the shy, incredible twitch of the Heart. If we are all in Heart, we don’t need the Ego of Government because we are in the Soul of the Tribe, which —as the Song of Land — is the soul of Source, which is Ultimate Knowing.

We as Souls definitely don’t need the carrot stick of Right vs. Wrong brandished at our Selves by ourselves, or we simply CANNOT step into the Heart.

We need to step into the Heart to step into our true Selves — so here’s why you should trust the Heart over Right vs. Wrong:

Right vs. Wrong is actually an Ego judgement disguised as a spiritual judgement. And, because it has no sense of Self, the Ego is a zombie you need to be controlling with Your Soul, not entrusting with your decisions.

The Heart produces spiritual action because it is the product itself of spiritual action (ie God).

Right vs. Wrong generates Egoic action because it is the product itself of Egoic action (ie. the perceived requirement for a qualitative judgement of the Soul).

No one can decide what is right or wrong for you

The authority of dualistic ethics is a fallacy. You can’t even decide yourself what is, in absolute terms, right vs. wrong for you because there is no such thing as Right vs. Wrong in the natural order of things; there only IS — we are all either God, Source, or we are not. There is no middle ground. So that makes Right vs. Wrong a human story, right? This must, at some point, be accepted by a Soul — having first embraced all that a dualistic viewpoint has to offer in the form of complete acceptance of that Soul’s “Dark” and “Light” side. That’s where Dualism helps us.

But ultimately the idea that an Ego must use Dualism to discern “Right” from “Wrong” is the final trick of the Ego, the last desperate play, before a Soul stands before the very gates to their own Heart, which is God; here Dualism must be discarded as simply a redundant temptation and, instead, the All-Wound-At-Once must be faced.

So what is this Dualism, this final temptation on the path to the Heart, that is designed to steer us clear of All-Wound-At-Once and our Karmic progress as a Soul?

It is conscious Souls allied with intelligent Minds that are most susceptible to the final fallacy of Dualism. Dualism gives a person an enemy when their Ego — almost starved of conflict at this point in their Journey — is crying out for one. The enemy could be political, personal, or even the Archons. The flavour of the seduction isn’t the issue; the issue is that the Self takes a bite and becomes ensorcelled. And, with the very Gates of the Heart in sight, the last line of defence offered by the Ego is a truly vicious attack to divert the Spiritual Warrior from a truly precious prize: the All-Wound-At-Once.

A Soul getting stuck in Right vs. Wrong is the last-ditch attempt of the Ego to seduce a Soul away from looking at the biggest wound; All-Wound-At-Once, we might call it — which is the true embrace of Duality, of all your “good” and “bad”, of all your “right” and “wrong” — by deciding that ALL OF IT is OK because ALL is LOVE.

ALL is LOVE. Either it is or it ain’t. It all comes down to Faith, at the end of the day.

Trust your Heart, for it is God; fuck “right” or “wrong”.

To Hell with Right vs. Wrong — for Hell is all it is.

The idea that something is right or wrong is not a spiritual principle, but an egotistical principle; in fact, deciding that there was a Right vs. Wrong in the first place was the very birth of Ego when, with the coming of the children created by the Original Two, Egos became a practical requirement of our power to manifest having become embodied in the form of physical reproduction.

Assessment of Self — in relation to others — became a necessity of multiple consciousnesses in material form; the rationale being that you, as one of the Original Male and Female, need to know an “I” so that the children you bear can be identified as separate “I”s, with separate needs and unique journeys.

From that came the idea of organised communal responsibility, and the perceived need for a regulatory structure called … you guessed it … the “Right vs. Wrong Thing”.

It became “Right” to behave in a certain way because, with now multiple manifesting consciousnesses operating on Earth, it was “Wrong” to disavow the sacred consensus of Tribe in pursuit of Self-led ends. It was suddenly a practical matter. Originally we had Man and Woman, and now suddenly had Tribe. We had to look after each other, and mutual safety was always going to be threatened by the fact that all consciousnesses involved were entirely sovereign unto themselves and therefore free to pursue conflicting ends.

Original Sin was Original Innocence. In our Innocence, we chose Right vs. Wrong as a way of making things work, not knowing that We, as a constellation of Souls connected via our Hearts, were already the way things were supposed to work.

There’s MUCH more to this. But becoming clearer is that:

We are coming full circle, and it’s time to go back to the Old Ways.

Post Creation, Right vs. Wrong began as a way to pre-empt conflict through the evaluative eye of the Mind; and nowadays, as the World looks threatened with its UnCreation, we must learn again to pre-empt and resolve conflict instead in the Loving Gaze of the Heart, as we did as Creators.

The birth of the first children was the birth of the Ego; we’re therefore — until we die, hint, hint — never going to transcend the Ego completely, if we understand it as our total operating system, like software. If you didn’t have an Ego at all, whose teeth would you clean in the morning? Without an Ego, a sense of “I”, you wouldn’t have a clue — and you wouldn’t be able to do anything physical at all anyway, let alone get up. You would be a zombie, just as the Ego — with no sense of Self — is also a zombie.

(The trick is to remember that the Ego, although not escapable, can be loved into perfect poise with the other players in your psyche; and that’s when the magic happens.)

Know your Ego by this: that it will do ANYTHING to get you into a situation where there’s a winner or a loser — even if the Ego itself is potentially the loser!

Taking a personal story to illustrate here, I used to sit in pubs as a suicidal (although fairly-low key) alcoholic, merrily conspiring with my Ego how I would, tomorrow, magically give up drinking (and thereby in one swoop conquer all satisfactions and trials of the Ego). I would effortlessly surrender (somehow) to the true embrace of the Spiritual, of the pain-free … ommmm.

Tomorrow. Not today. Definitely not now (I’ve got a pint and a short coming). But tomorrow.

So I sat there, day after day, month after month, for years DRINKING, EXCITEDLY PLOTTING HOW I WOULD TOMORROW BE … ER … GIVING UP DRINKING.

This means both that the Ego is robotically planning the removal of its prime agent of control in my case (ie. alcohol) — but, in doing so, achieving entirely the slavery that I, on some level, was so determined to end. Thanks Ego! I love you.

The very idea of transcending the Ego is the most egotistical idea there is.

In this, there is an ultimate Winner and an ultimate Loser. The Ego loves this shit, and can only do so because — with supreme irony — the Ego itself has no sense of Self. This is why it will at once (for example) harass me personally for having stained teeth whilst simultaneously offering me a cigarette to take my mind off the problem; the Ego’s solution is actually causing the problem — but UNLESS THE SOUL IS FULLY IN CHARGE the Ego has no governing authority, no intelligence to co-ordinate its efforts to serve us; and the SOUL ENDS UP IN THRALL TO THE EGO (see all New Age bollocks, including my own). The Ego proceeds chaotically, with the conviction of a demented robot. One contradictory edict after the other is issued, potentially running the Self ragged into Soul-less circles of despair.

A personal example: what, in general, does my Ego console with me whenever I launch my own personal war on drugs (ie caffeine, say) and then fail to win? The War on Drugs was the Ego’s idea and Harder Drugs (ie nicotine, say) is inevitably my reward for the inevitable failure of the endeavour. This is the Ego at its most perfectly paradoxical — and paradoxically perfect because, in such a dramatically-oppositional way of working, we can see a practical kinetic issue with the Shadow Self: WHEN IT PUSHES, DON’T PUSH BACK. JUST SAY “THANK YOU FOR PUSHING.”

The Ego traps us otherwise in our own fears, which then manifest, and reinforce our fears, which then … etc. We go to work grudgingly and tomorrow, as a result, we end up going to work. Again. Grudgingly. So the day afterwards … etc.

Remember then, to free you, that your Ego is not You.

Stop fighting, unless you fight lies inside yourself.

Abandon the idea that ANYTHING of your Self can be overcome, and then — through the power of Love that you can then abandon yourself to — ALL will be overcome.

But be warned: to see all of the Light, you have to see all of the Dark. That’s why it’s a mercy when other people often don’t see the exact Light that we might be eager to show them; because if that Soul were to fully grasp the magical joy of whatever it is we can see ourselves and are keen to share, that Soul knows that it would then as a consequence be forced to face the exact Shadow opposite of that magical joy — which would be a precise constitution of magical despair (an exact Dark counterpart to the exact Light that we introduced them to) that, thanks to that Soul’s unique Journey, would be too painful to accept. So the Mind, the Ego, can be merciful, that’s for sure, in its own paradoxical way.

Be gentle anyway with others; it is a beautiful thing.

And be gentle with yourself; accept that the only perfection is in fully accepting your own perfection as an imperfect being; in this acceptance there is a real magic, an actual alchemy that makes science fiction look like … well … fiction.

Talking of fiction, let’s get back to the Original Fiction that the Soul has ever since failed entirely to understand:

The Soul does not, and cannot possibly, understand Right vs. Wrong.

For beyond this (the well-meaning but always exactly counter-productive judgement of the Head) is the judgement of the Heart — which is without thought, and without judgement; the Heart always knows what is “Right” (or “Source-serving” we might say). This is what the Soul understands, for the Soul IS Heart, which IS God.

That’s a bit of a conversation killer, sure: All is God, and All is Good. End of. Fair enough. So what next?

The Invitation is to focus purely on your Faith — and jump!

Step over the pit-trap that is the Right vs. Wrong Judgement …

Embrace the Wound-Of-All-Wounds …

… And pass into the Halls of the Sovereign Heart, knowing that you can, forever, release your Ego from the burden of the Right vs. Wrong assessment; the Heart, which is God, has got you and everything else covered.

In rejecting Right vs. Wrong, we return to the original state of Creation; of us as one of two Giant and Golden Children, the Gentle and Terrible Two that came first as Creators and danced the World into being through the loom of their Hearts. Then, as mythic beings of Light and not Form, we were free of Egoic ideas, of the Fearful Self — and so the World was made a place of fabulous beauty and harmony. Man and WoMan were Creators then, and we remain so now, via our Hearts and the Waiting World that was set up to manifest our Hearts in the first place.

In accepting Right vs. Wrong, we end up enslaved to our Shadow Selves in their most impressive, yet ridiculous, disguise; they present in the magnificent regalia of spiritual sovereigns, but they are nothing but Puppet Kings of the paper Ego, awkward automatons so powerless that they do not even know they exist. And in that lack of Self-awareness especially, we must Love our Egos all the more; for Egos do not know what they do, and all that they do they do is designed to help, not hinder.

As in all things, let’s be kind, and know that kindness is the ultimate warrior magic of all because it helps other Souls find their true Selves, and that is a fierce magic indeed.

We must embrace ALL Duality WITHIN the Self to free the control of Duality OVER the Self— which control is expressed by the judging of the Soul by the Ego as Right vs. Wrong; the Soul, though, understands only the non-judgement of the Heart.

Practically we CANNOT embrace all Duality if we persist in playing out our ancestral energetic inheritance of the Christian Work Ethic; this basic belief of Western Europe into which we are born, like it or not, that Work is The Answer, that in suffering there is salvation — the truth is that THROUGH suffering and OUT THE OTHER SIDE there is salvation (big difference), but it‘s definitively pagan salvation anyway, the salvation of the Soul through activation of the Realised, magical Self that Civilisation (and … er … Christianity) has closed down in us over the millennia.

If we view life through the Puritan prism, we judge ourselves, in guilt, for a failure to work, and condemn ourselves to suffering for the sake of it. We end up incapable of accepting all of ourselves, that’s for certain. THIS STUFF CAN BE CLEANED UP. There’s a process called Family Constellations. I was introduced to its power here. There are others too I know who really shine in this work: Daf St. Clair, Richard Buckworth and Michaela Sturm.

(Without wishing to be too shitty about it, there’s a big difference between the spiritual giant that is Jesus Christ, Sun to Father Sky, and the human story “Christianity” that came after Him. Christianity, for me at least, is one of the touchiest Wounds in the Wound Room; bless this Wound for his anger, for he is Tribe-sized.)

Practically too we CANNOT embrace Duality if we insist that one gender or another must bear more of the blame for History/Herstory; in the crucible of gender relations, we MUST forgive Mummy or Daddy lest our pain poison the perfect blend of male and female and corrupt too our understanding and Tantra, or Weaving, of the World; we and the World are ALL held in perfect balance, of which Duality is merely a lens for seeing in Love; but to live in Love, we must fuse ALL Duality in the single cauldron of our Heart — for our Heart is single precisely because there is only one single God, or Source, and so we are, as our Selves, single in our Sovereignty with Source, which is All.

And after that o-so-very-grand paragraph, I need to humbly acknowledge that I wouldn’t be suggesting any of this without the education provided to me by Peter of the Trousers and the Lady of the Light, SL-style; so my sincere thanks to them, and my sincere thanks to you the reader for getting to the End.

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