A Tiger

Insane with
He finds

A depiction of the Goddess Freya above Oslo (photo: J. Blundell)

Grounded in the Oak and Flower,
I’m Mercy, Medicine Man.
I stand within the Heart of God
And help those Souls I can.

I wonder at this breathing world
And wander without care;
A Perfect Yes is what I am -
With not a No to spare!

A Child of Earth,
An infant Being -
I wouldn’t hurt a fly.
But if you want to Live for real -
Then let me help you Die.

Surrender first,
Surrender last,
With nothing inbetween.
Each Breath is Life and Death itself;
A Dream within a Dream.

So seek your Sacred Dream right now!
It’s in a place called “Yes”.
It’s looking like a thing called No
(An unfortunate address!)
The Here and Now is where it’s at,
The Work’s already done:
You are the Medicine for your Self,
Your Soul, it knows — you are the One.

I found a bird today, freshly
Dead on the road.

A brown bird,
Nothing special.

On its beak
A red medal of glory.

I died for you today,
The Bird said.

I asked how I could return the favour.

Just one thing,
The Bird said:
Be meek,
Be gentle,
Always say please and thank you …


You are reminded that, as Spiritual Warriors, we can use a basic metaphysical map, centering on the Heart, to take over the territory within our Selves.

Isn’t that what we all want? To conquer all that stuff in there?

Well, listen up Soldier — the way to CONQUER anything inside ourselves is to accept that we never can. We have to accept it all, love it all. THAT’s how you defeat your entire Shadow Self, your mightiest dragon — by understanding that you can NEVER defeat it.

In doing so, you will find that you have tamed your Dragon and…

“I heal you. And you heal me.”

The Universe is a giant Soul that heals as we heal each other; and the Music of the Spheres is the symphony of our single Selves singing, through our Hearts, our Healings to the World.

Each and every plastic microbead, every grain of sand, every photon; all are unique and conscious souls. Each and every soul — and EVERYTHING in the small and in the large IS a soul — has a responsibility for creating its own unique and individuated experience.

All experiences are contained within other experiences, just as all Souls are contained in all others. So, for example…

These are your Body, Soul and Ego:

Think of your Body as a bricks-and-mortar entertainment Venue.

The Caretaker of the Venue is the Ego.

The VIP of the Venue is the Soul.

Unless the flighty VIP decides to take centre stage, the Venue will, eventually, become dominated by the counter-productive endeavours of the Caretaker. As the days pass and the stage remains empty, you will sit around with him more and more. …

The Archon Conspiracy: a belief about cruel and all-powerful shape-shifters having an invisible grip on the human world. Fierce and frankly incredibly paranoid stuff. So why does the Archon Conspiracy manifest so frequently in our best and brightest Spiritual Warriors?

What makes the Archon Conspiracy interesting is that it is generally very intelligent and genuinely “spiritual”/Conscious people who go for it. Why? Because, without believers realising it, the Archons give believers a massive opportunity to grow spiritually.

Archon Troopers, you’re onto a good thing here if you can use it to move on and not get stuck. Here’s why:


Hand on Heart, I don’t care — because, in Heart, I AM Care.

Looking for your Spiritual Warrior? It’s not in your Head with its dualistic notion of Right vs. Wrong — it’s in your Heart. Remember?

To progress as a Spiritual Warrior we’ve got to free ourselves of the notion that there is something fundamentally “Wrong” with Humanity.

This idea comes from Religion, which is Ego.

Allow yourself to refer to the Possessive Ego as “The Distant Mind”. Be in the spaces, and look upon it — rather than declare yourself at its command entirely by saying “My Ego …”.

“Why, this is Hell, nor am I out of it.” Says Mephistopheles when Dr. Faustus asks him where Hell is.


Original Sin was…

Jules Blundell

Poems and stern articles about the Big Is

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